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Worldwide Conference

Every Saturday we hold a worldwide conference which  brings people from around the world together. The conference is completely free of charge and can be attended with every smartphone or computer.

Meet new people from abroad

Improve your english skils

Take part in philosophical discussions

Work together on projects to make the world a better place.

The time is different in every country in the world.
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The New Center is a global organization whose mission is to make the world a better place. Today most people only focus on their own wealth while The New Centre stands for justice, freedom, humanity and a better future for each one of us.


Today we are facing many global problems but there is one simple solution for that and this is our vision. Our vision is to reunite all countries in this world. We claim the World Union (WU) in which every country may act independently but under control of a central supremacy.

The New Centre

The pandemic has shown us that we are all interdependent. International problems cannot be solved nationally. In response, populist organizations are emerging that threaten our peace. But hatred separates people and if we do not start helping each other right now, we will end up being destroyed.

Due to this fact we founded The New Centre, a movement for the whole world. We strive to break the invisible chains in the minds of the people to create a wildfire of justice, freedom and humanity that will continue to grow andflourish for many generations to come.


John Heinemann

Chairman, Representative
* Germany

Benard Omondi


Robert Odongo


Modibo Kone


Kofi Arkaah



The Future Pyramid

The Future Pyramid shows our 10 goals in a simple way. It consists of 4 levels.


The first level shows the core values, which must be fulfilled to be able to realize all other goals. They represent the base.


The second level means cooperation. This is the framework that must be created to enable collaboration.


The third level is our future as human beings. We can work on this as soon as we have successfully reached the goals of level one and two.


On the last level we see direct democracy. It gives the power to the people and once we have achieved all the other objectives, it ensures our peace and creates stability to the whole world.

1. JusticE

Justice means equal chances for every person. Regardless of where the person is born equal chances and possibilities for education and a better life should be possible all over the world. Rich countries have to support the poor ones to establish an almost identical educational level. When everyone has the same opportunities the dream of an unconditional basic income will finally come true. This would mean that charity organisations finally could operate independently from economic problems.

2. Freedom

Freedom means the unique development of every individual. People get marginalized because of their “being different”. But these people design our future. Everybody should be free to express their opinion without being judged. Everyone should have a voice and be able to unfold themselves according to interests and religion.

3. Humanity

The acceptance of everyone in this world may still not be taken for granted. In rich countries minorities are still discriminated and in poor countries political parties arise because of corruption. Sex, worldview, sexual orientation, biological characteristics and ethnic origin may not be reasons to endanger equality between people and most of all not equality before the law.

4. Interconnection

Neither in rich countries nor even less in poor countries is it possible to communicate in the necessary quality without further ado. The Internet is the means of communication of today and must be expanded worldwide. Every person, regardless of their origin, must be able to work with every other person in this world. And should it be possible, then we still lack the opportunity to exchange ideas in a uniform manner, which is why we demand a uniform language worldwide.

5. Globalization

Globalization means challenges, but the solution is to be found in the things we have not done yet. Immigration and emigration is the greatest opportunity to exchange culture, knowledge and ideas. We need a globally uniform immigration system that allows us to switch between countries at any time. Refugees and asylum seekers should simply be integrated into society. Foreign residents should have the same rights of self-determination as every other citizen.

6. Secularization

Everyone should be able to develop freely in their faith. But if we have countless religions bound by laws, there will never be a real unity. The connection between state and religion creates hatred and discrimination. Only when we have freed all public institutions of worldviews will we be able to connect.

7. Entrepreneurship

Companies, especially start-ups, are the driving force behind our prosperity. They drive each other to new bests, ensure innovations and thus shape our future. With courage, trial and error and discipline they ensure prosperity in which we can all participate. In order to strengthen this force, we are calling for greater financial support for start-ups as well as a reduction in bureaucratic requirements.

8. Environment

Simultaneous sustainable and profit-oriented economic activity is possible. The state must stand up for environmentally friendly measures, otherwise we will destroy ourselves through our endless thirst for economic prosperity. The rich countries bask in their environmentally friendly measures while at the same time they destroy the environment in poor countries through their economy. Fair trade and ethical investments are to be standardized and environmentally harmful processes, especially in state institutions, are to be transformed into digital technologies.

9. Research

At some point the earth will have to provide for so many people that we will no longer be able to have children. We strive to keep multiplying and at some point, the only option will be to find a solution in research. As we are running out of time, we urge all countries not to leave the future of the world to the economy, but to promote it with government funds, because the sooner we start, the more likely it is that we will find a solution.

10. World Union

The World Union is not only the last goal of TNC but also the vision. It is our final goal that can be introduced once we accomplished the other goals. Our dream is an institution that unites all countries in the world to prevent every form of hatred and to ensure global peace. We believe all people in the world are somehow connected, a global families which will be united in the World Union.


We can only save other people's lives if we are willing to make small sacrifices. If everyone made a small contribution, our dream would soon become reality. Nonetheless, everyone should help where they can, because everyone will find their place in our family.


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